Thursday, June 11, 2009

DRAW! 19 cover inks

here is the grey scale painting of the cover by Doug, when he finished the color I'll post that as well.

Monday, June 1, 2009

DRAW! 19 cover

Oh what a treat, here is the rough and the pencils by Doug Braithwaite for Issue 19 of DRAW!--the classic Thing vs. Hulk battle. That issue will feature an interview with Doug covering his work and process.
When I get the final cover from Doug, I'll post it.


Welcome officially to the brand spanking new Draw! Magazine Blog, an off-shoot of Draw! Magazine and a place I want to me more interactive between myself and you budding cartoonists and animators out there.

To start out I am printing the corrected version of the great interview with Guy Davis from the current issue. Seems the version that got printed was the wrong uncorrected version by Guy, so I had my main man Eric redo the article for the blog and it will also be pasted into the full PDF version of the magazine now available on the web store. Thanks again to Guy Davis for the great interview and being a good egg about the sanfu!