Friday, July 27, 2012

DRAW! 23 Now Shipping!

My two shipping clerks just opened the my comp boxes of DRAW! Magazine NO. 23 which means its shipping into stores next Wednesday and subscription copies are in the mail.
Draw! #23 (84 pages with COLOR, $7.95) gets webbed up with top flight penciler Patrick Olliffe, as he demos how he produces such comics as Spider-Girl, his recent revival of Dark Horse's Mighty Samson, and digital comics for Marvel. Then, Jorge Khoury presents a comprehensive look at the career of Al Williamson, as the man and his work are remembered by Angelo Torres, Bret Blevins, Mark Schultz, Tom Yeates, Alex Ross, Rick Veitch, and others, including an examination of Al’s working process. Plus, there's another installment of Mike Manley and Bret Blevins’ “Comic Art Bootcamp”, a “Rough Critique” of a newcomer’s work by Bob McLeod, product and art supply reviews by "Crusty Critic" Jamar Nicholas, and more!
See  a Preview and Order Your Copy Here