Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Coming up in DRAW! 20--Walt Simonson!


  1. YES!!! I love Walt! I can't wait. This is probably my favorite magazine that I subscribe too!

  2. Hello Michael, I am a Brazilian comic book artist, Walt Simonson especially in its early in the Fantastic Four, your review should be very good indeed, I loved the covers, how do I buy it here in Brazil?

    Congratulations on the good work!

  3. GRRRREEEAT blog, Michael! I'll be back soon! (love your mag too!)

  4. Mike,
    Just downloaded the preview for DRAW! 19. Looks great and the interview with Doug Braithwaite hits the right buttons! Very excited to see Danny Fingeroth and Bob McLeod have joined the DRAW! team. This helps with the loss of their respective magazines Write Now and Rough Stuff - both of which will be missed. But hopefully this new collective will be better and stronger - able to draw a larger reader base.
    Looking forward to seeing expanded content (podcasts and may I suggest some online comic instruction, like challenges or crits) here on the new Draw-Magazine blog!
    -Jonathan Gilpin

  5. I'm sorry to see write now and Rough stuff closed shop but good to see them combined now =) I like reading about writing just as much about the articulation of the craft. I will resubscribe and hope it's enough to keep draw going...

    What happened to Modern Masters? I like that series alot...

  6. for sure a artist like Walt, Buy Cialis before do a work like this, mmmmm what is the name of this character? I can't remember it in this moment.