Sunday, January 9, 2011

Warner Brothers Animation Background Notes

Back in the 90's between seasons on storyboarding for WB animation on such shows as Superman and Batman, I switched for a while over to doing background designs. I think Tv animation was at a peak then as far as the look and craft of shows. My stint as a comic artist also really helped me in doing backgrounds as that's something you do a lot of in comics. When I started besides being sent a huge pack of BG designs, background supervisor George Stokes sent me along these notes which I kept. George was a great guy to work with. They were on fast fading fax paper so I scanned them in and thought I'd share them.This gives you the idea of how they went about breaking down and approaching the style of the shows. I did background designs on Batman Beyond, Superman and Batman. It was a fun gig, I'll dig out and post some of my designs soon.

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  1. In between seasons when the storyboarding was done I switched over to doing back ground designs for a while on the shows. When I started in Generic Viagra Online labs and George sent me this fax breaking down how they did it at the time and the 'essence' of their style which owed a lot to Paul Rivoche's great work on Mr. X in the 80's.